Monday, January 31, 2022

8 themed sets, 3 additional changing rooms now added to this year's event, increasing footprint to 20,000 sq. feet!

This is the update we've been hoping we could make for all of our 2022 attendees!

Studio Space Atlanta, the amazing venue we've been working with for the past 9 years, expanded it's footprint in 2019 to the space next to their original studios. After extensively remodeling that space they were then able to offer standing sets of various themes (see photos below), as well as an additional large green screen studio and most recently a Courthouse set as part of their offerings to clients. 

Because we've had such a great response via early pre-sale tickets for this year's event we were able to to move ahead and secure that additional 12,000 sq. feet! This will increase what we can offer to our photographers and attendees, continuing to make our Cosplay Photo mini-Con a truly unique and worthwhile event for the Atlanta cosplay community. This also means more changing rooms, two additional bathrooms and a larger registration area.

We will still have access to the original space that we've gotten to play in since 2012 – with all of it's wonderful features, spaces and studios. A hallway now connects both sides of Studio Space Atlanta (see diagram) so attendee can easily back and forth.

NOTE: Registration for 2022 will be moved to the main entrance of the newer space, located next to the entrance attendees used for previous COSPLAY PHOTO mini-CONs.