Friday, February 23, 2024

Confirmed Photographers now being posted for March 9th event!

We have a truly epic line-up of both Featured and Roaming Photographers ready to roll on March 9th! We will continue to update the "List Of Photographers" page when confirmed as we get closer to March 9th. Click below to find out more!

NOTE: Photographers wanting to be involved please visit the Photographer Application Page and submit the online form with appropriate contact info.

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Only 7% of tickets remain for 2024 event (as of 3/26)

For many cosplayers in the Atlanta and surrounding areas, the return of the most unique cosplay-related event causes both excitement and stress. Excitement because the annual HAIR OF THE DRAGON is returning, pairing up top-notch cosplayers with some of the best photographers in the area. Stress because some cosplayer have a hard time deciding which cosplay(s) to bring and/or finish in time.

That being said, with just under 2 weeks to go, only 7% of tickets remain so if you want to attend we advise to not wait much longer.

Last year's event SOLD OUT so we suggest not waiting too long to secure your ticket!

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

2024 OPEN CALL for Photographers

Are you a photographer (or do you know of a photographer) who'd like to participate in the 12th edition of HAIR OF THE DRAGON: Cosplay Photo mini-Con in Atlanta? If so we are now seeking both Featured and Roaming photographers (all skill levels) who'd like to work with talented cosplayers on March 9th, 2024 (date confirmed).

NOTE: Deadline for applying is Feb 25, 2024.

* Monetary incentives for Photographers
who promote & sell tickets to event *

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Photos from HAIR OF THE DRAGON #11

A massive THANK YOU to all who came out to 11th edition of HAIR OF THE DRAGON: Cosplay Photo mini-Con 2023, the largest one yet! So much gratitude goes out to all of the attendees (both Cosplayers and Spectators), the amazing photographer talent, as well as volunteers who all came together for a truly amazing evening! We will update this post with photo album links as we get them!

📷 Trinity Williams - photos HERE (FB)
📷 Chris Wold - photos HERE
📷 Ashley Fletcher - photos HERE (FB)
📷 Amber Dawn Bowyer - photos HERE
📷 Marcus Taylor - photos HERE (FB)
📷 Jessica & Richard Hayes - photos HERE
📷 Asante Watkins - photos HERE (FB)
📷 Nikki Rau-Baker - photos HERE (FB)
📷 Tim Osier - photos HERE (in progress)
📷 Patrick Sun - photos HERE (FB)

📷 Patrick Sun - photos HERE (Flickr)
📷 'Rail' Martin - photos HERE (Flickr)
📷 Lee Workman - photos HERE (FB)
📷 Jazzmin Wilson - photos HERE (FB)
📷 Kevin Slayfield - photos  not submitted

📷 Richard LaMarre - photos HERE (FB)
📹 Smoove Cosplaya
 - video HERE (YT)
📷 Luciano Villegas - photos HERE (Flickr)
📷 Jeff James - photos HERE (FB)
📷 Jeff James - photos HERE (Flickr)
📷 Dallas Anne Duncan - photos HERE (FB)
📷 Geekykokopuff - photos HERE (FB)
📷 Chris Morton - photos HERE (FB)
📷 Danny Hunter - photos HERE (FB) - added 2/3/24

March 9, 2024 (confirmed)

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Video from 2022 H.O.T.D.

Never been to a HAIR OF THE DRAGON: Cosplay Photo mini-Con but curious what it's like? Ccheck out this wonderful video by Jay Prescott Videography from the 2022 event with the 2024 date set for March 9th!