Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Hair Of The Dragon #10 - Images (2022)

(Updated 5/28/22) A massive THANK YOU to all who came out to 10th edition of HAIR OF THE DRAGON: Cosplay Photo mini-Con, the largest one yet. So much gratitude goes out to all of the attendees (both Cosplayers and Spectators), the amazing photographer talent, as well as volunteers who all came together for a truly amazing evening. Images are starting to trickle in from photographers so check back often over the next few days/weeks for photo album links and updates as we get them!

📷 Chris Wold Photo - photos HERE (added 5/28/22)
📷 Richard & Jessica Hayes: Voyage Fine Art Photography - photos HERE (added 5/28/22)
📷 Kevin Mayfield: Slayfield Photography - click HERE (in progress)
📷 GraceMarie Photography - click HERE (in progress)
📷 Leigh Willis: Dr. LAW's Photolab - click HERE (in progress)
📷 George Hunter: Rannulf Media - photos HERE
📷 Patrick Sun Photography - PART 1 photos HERE
📷 Patrick Sun Photography - PART 2 photos HERE
📷 Patrick Sun Photography - LESS COMPRESSED photos HERE
📷 Shea: Shea Takes Pictures - photos HERE (in progress)
📷 Tim Osier: New Georgian Studios LLC - photos HERE
📷 Jazzmin Wilson: JaW Images Photography - photos HERE
📷 Nikki Rau-Baker: Geek Behind The Lens Photograhy - photos HERE
📷 Kelsey Rheney: Kelsey Kirk Photo and Media - photos coming
📷 Uzoma Enyinnah Photography - photos coming
📷 Ashley Rivers Photography - photos coming

📷 Danny Hunter - photos (Set 1) HERE (added 5/28/22)
📷 Danny Hunter - photos (Set 2) HERE (added 5/28/22)
📷 Jeff James - click HERE
📷 Jen Spiegel - photos HERE
📷 Wes Carter - photos coming
📷 CM Photography - photos coming
📷 David Flores - photos coming

Hair Of The Dragon 2022 was a great way to return for Markster Con after a two-year hiatus! We saw so many new faces, both cosplayer and photographers and the one CON*sistent thing we saw were SO MANY SMILES. We have receive lots of great feedback and positive comments and for that THANK YOU!

Monday, February 28, 2022

If you attended this year's HAIR OF THE DRAGON, we would love your feedback!

Even though this year's event great, we still want to hear your feedback from this past Saturday's HAIR OF THE DRAGON #10 so we can keep improving our logistics and content.

All who successfully submit their feedback will get access to "Early Bird" tickets for the next HOTD before "All Access" tickets are released to the general public:


Saturday, February 26, 2022

Our 2022 event has SOLD OUT!

We are officially SOLD OUT! Congratulations to all who were able to secure tickets to tonight's 10th edition of HAIR OF THE DRAGON: Cosplay Photo mini-Con! No tickets will be available at the door so for those who missed out we hope to see you in 2023.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Meet our FEATURED COSPLAYERS for Hair Of The Dragon 2022!

We have over 30 truly awesome FEATURED COSPLAYERS lined up for this year's event! They represent the whole spectrum of fandoms and skill levels and are sure to create some amazing collaborations with all of our official photographers (23 confirmed)

This is the first year we've highlighted "Featured Cosplayers" and we're so pleased to be able to show them all off to the cosplay world.

Visit the Featured Cosplayers (Bios) page and read more about each one!

There are only a handful of Adv. Tickets left. If you haven't secured a ticket please do so ASAP. NOTE: We WILL NOT be selling tickets night-of/walk-up.

TUNE IN on Feb. 23rd (~6:30pm):
Featured Cosplayer Meet & Greet + event Q&A

Monday, February 21, 2022

TWITCH streamers talk COSPLAY PHOTO mini-CON, leading up to event on Feb. 26!

BewitchedRaven and SugarfreeD have streamed via TWITCH three times, exploring different topics about HAIR OF THE DRAGON 10: Cosplay Photo min-Con - if you missed any of them click the links below to view:

Sneak Peak at Confirmed Photographers (Feb. 16):

Hair Of The Dragon Newbie Q&A (Feb. 10):

Hair Of The Dragon Event Space preview (Feb. 2):

– Featured Cosplayer Meet & Greet & last minute Q&A
(LIVE on Feb. 23rd, ~6:30pm):

Monday, February 14, 2022

21 photographers confirmed for 2022 HAIR OF THE DRAGON

We have confirmed 21 talented photographers ready to work with an amazing lineup of cosplayers in less than two weeks. We'll have 15 Featured Photographers and 6 Roaming Photographers on Feb. 26th during the 10th edition of COSPLAY PHOTO mini-CON: Hair Of The Dragon. To read more about the confirmed photographers, please visit the Photographer Line-Up (2022) page!

Monday, January 31, 2022

8 themed sets, 3 additional changing rooms now added to this year's event, increasing footprint to 20,000 sq. feet!

This is the update we've been hoping we could make for all of our 2022 attendees!

Studio Space Atlanta, the amazing venue we've been working with for the past 9 years, expanded it's footprint in 2019 to the space next to their original studios. After extensively remodeling that space they were then able to offer standing sets of various themes (see photos below), as well as an additional large green screen studio and most recently a Courthouse set as part of their offerings to clients. 

Because we've had such a great response via early pre-sale tickets for this year's event we were able to to move ahead and secure that additional 12,000 sq. feet! This will increase what we can offer to our photographers and attendees, continuing to make our Cosplay Photo mini-Con a truly unique and worthwhile event for the Atlanta cosplay community. This also means more changing rooms, two additional bathrooms and a larger registration area.

We will still have access to the original space that we've gotten to play in since 2012 – with all of it's wonderful features, spaces and studios. A hallway now connects both sides of Studio Space Atlanta (see diagram) so attendee can easily back and forth.

NOTE: Registration for 2022 will be moved to the main entrance of the newer space, located next to the entrance attendees used for previous COSPLAY PHOTO mini-CONs.