Tuesday, February 18, 2020

2020 Photographers annouced for HAIR OF THE DRAGON

Curious about the photo talent we'll be sharing the event with? Below are tentative names and samples. Any photographers who are interested in being able to shoot at this event, please email us at marksterconproductions@gmail.com with your contact info, a handful of digital samples and if you'd like to be "Featured" (stationary with lights) or "Roaming" (moving around the venue) - we'll consider accepting photographers up until noon on Saturday of event.

πŸ“· Lee Workman: www.WorkmanReflections
πŸ“· Patrick Sun: instagram.com/patricksunphoto
πŸ“· Chris Wold: instagram.com/ChrisWoldPhoto
πŸ“· James Richard Brock III: destinedperfectionphotography59.pixieset.com/adultportfolio
πŸ“· Paul Sebastian: paulsebastianphotography.com
πŸ“· Nikki Rau-Baker: geekbehindthelens.com/
πŸ“· Christopher Morton: instagram.com/cmortonphoto
πŸ“· Jeff James [roaming]: https://www.flickr.com/photos/awesoman
πŸ“· Melissa King [roaming]: www.Melissa Riot Photo
πŸ“· Kenneth Scurlock: instagram.com/LockAndKeyMedia
πŸ“· Danny Hunter [roaming]: Danny Hunter Photography
πŸ“· Ravann A. Guyton (TENT.): www.rguytonphotography.com
πŸ“· Darryl Bradshaw (TENT.): instagram.com/dovywave
πŸ“· Joshua Daniel Garvin [roaming]: www.joshloves.art
πŸ“· Johnathan Downer (TENT.): jdownerphoto.com

Monday, November 4, 2019

HAIR OF THE DRAGON doubles in studio space for 2020

MASSIVE UPDATE!! The 2020 edition of HAIR OF THE DRAGON, Atlanta's annual cosplay photo studio party, is doubling in space and creative possibilities!

>> Read & see more photos at bit.ly/hotd-adds-space <<

NOTE: Due to this change, we have to change the date to Feb. 22 - we will honor existing tickets on this date or give full refunds (if requested by Jan. 1st, 2020)

Read & see more photos at bit.ly/hotd-adds-space

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Hair Of The Dragon #8 – Photos (2019)

* 7/11/19 Photo Updated * THANK YOU to all of the attendees, the photo talent, and registration volunteers who all came together for a truly amazing evening. Photos are starting to come in from photographers so check back often over the next few days/weeks for photo album links as we get them! If you share/post photos please make sure to give the photographer credit as well as the event "Hair Of The Dragon" and "Produced by MarksterCon.com"

----> Hair Of The Dragon IX – TENTATIVE for Feb. 1st, 2020 info HERE.

• David Leo photos HERE (Set 5)
• David Leo photos HERE (Set 4)
• David Leo photos HERE (Set 3)
• David Leo photos HERE (Set 2)
• David Leo photos HERE (Set 1)
• Binafsi photos HERE
• Patrick Sun photos HERE
• George Hunter photos HERE
• Troy Nelson photos HERE
• Doctor Law's Photolab photos HERE
• Lee Workman photos HERE
• Nikki Rau-Baker photos HERE
• Jason Bohannon *photos coming*

• Lost Tribe Creative Media photos HERE
• Cara Van Cosplay photos HERE
• Jeff James photos HERE
• Danny Hunter photos HERE

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Photos from HAIR OF THE DRAGON VII (2018)

* 3/15/18 Photo Update * Atlanta's premiere cosplay photo studio party, HAIR OF THE DRAGON, returned for a 7th edition on Jan. 27th, 2018 and was one of the best yet! A massive THANK YOU to all of the photo talent, registration volunteers and of course the talented cosplay attendees who all came together for a truly amazing evening. Photos are starting to come in from photographers so check back often over the next few days/weeks for photo album links as we get them!

----> Hair Of The Dragon VIIICONFIRMED for Jan. 19th, 2019 info HERE.

Photo by Workman Reflections of
Dominycanknyght Cosplay (Black Panther)
Up next for MarksterCon – it's the ROCKY HORROR PUB CRAWL III on March 9th! More info. at www.RockyHorrorPubCrawl.com (21+)

• Ayalas Photography: Photos HERE
Bryan Humphrey: Photos HERE
– Bryan Humphrey: High-Res Photos HERE
• Troy Nelson: Photos HERE (in progress)
Patrick Sun: Photos HERE
– Patrick Sun: High-Res Photos HERE
Workman Reflections: Photos HERE
• Racoonicorn Photography: Photos HERE (in progress)• Geek Behind The Lens: Photos HERE
• Jay Prescott Videography: Video *Coming*
Personify 3D*Scans Coming*

• Nikki RockstrohPhotos HERE
• True U PhotographyPhotos HERE
• Richard LaMarre: Photos HERE (in progress)
• Danny Hunter Photography: Photos *Coming*

Congratulations to Sara Spath, the lucky winner of the Markster Con GOLDEN PARTY PASS!
Group photo by Bryan Humphrey of attendees at MarksterCon's HAIR OF THE DRAGON VII

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Are you a photographer wanting to be involved with the Feb. 22nd HAIR OF THE DRAGON cosplay photo studio party? If so, we have a few options. NOTE: Deadline for applying is Feb. 7, 2020 (a Monday) at 11:59pm.

---> APPLY HERE: bit.ly/photog-application-hotd

As a Featured Photographer, you'd need to bring your own lights/equipment. If you want to use any props you can but you'd need to provide them. You will have a studio space of your own to work with. You'll have a chance to work with some of the best cosplayers in Atlanta in one of the best professional photo studios around, Studio Space Atlanta. Roaming Photographers will also move around the venue and do not need to have studio lights, except for a standard flash.

---> APPLY HERE: bit.ly/photog-application-hotd

NOTE: Deadline for applying is Feb. 7, 2020 (a Monday) at 11:59pm. Featured Photographers will need to be available at 7pm on Feb. 22nd for set-up for the event (doors are at 8pm). The event will end by 1am. You'll be expected to provide an online public album of your edited images within a reasonable time after the event for attendees to access. This is a TFP (non-paid) event.

Not sure what HAIR OF THE DRAGON is? Watch this video from last year (by Jay Prescott Videography) and see for yourself!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

HoTD VI an electrifying night – PHOTOS! (2017)

So much AWESOME-NESS under one roof! Atlanta's premiere costume photo studio party, which returned for a 6th edition, was one of the best yet. A massive THANK YOU to all of the photographers, videographer, make-up artist, volunteers and of course the amazing attendees who all came together for a true spectacle of an evening. Photos are starting to come in from photographers so check back often over the next few days/weeks for photo album links as we get them!

----> Hair Of The Dragon VIICONFIRMED for Jan. 27th, 2018 info HERE.

Up next for MarksterCon – it's the SUPER HERO PUB CRAWL on May 20th! More info. at www.TheSuperHeroCrawl.com

Never judge a book by it's cover! Mark (the Beast
of MarksterConand Luke, the prettiest girl in town.
• Jay Prescott Videography: Video HERE
Bryan Humphrey: Highlight Photos HERE
• Bryan Humphrey: High-Res Photos HERE
David Leo: Photos HERE (Set 1)
• David Leo: Photos HERE (Set 2)
• David Leo: Photos HERE (Set 3)
• David Leo: Photos HERE (Set 4)
• David Leo: Photos HERE (Set 5)

Patrick Sun: Photos HERE
Lee Workman: Photo HERE
David Avant: Photos HERE
• James BrockPhotos HERE
• Jay Prescott Videography360ΒΊ photo HERE
• ConographyPhotos HERE
• ConographyPhotos HERE (all photos, high-res)
Personify 3DPhotos Coming

Richard LaMarre: Photos HERE
Robot Eye Photography: Photos HERE
• Aqualuna Photography: Photos HERE
• Danny Hunter: Live video feed HERE
• MarksterCon: Live video feed HERE
• Squished Biscuit Multimedia: Photos HERE
• Danny Hunter Photography: Photos HERE

• Smoove Cosplaya: Photos HERE
• Channing Matthews: Photos HERE
 Jennifer S.: Photos HERE
 Rachel M.: Photos HERE & Video HERE

Congratulations to Larry McCalister. the lucky winner of the Markster Con GOLDEN PARTY PASS!
Group photo by Bryan Humphrey of attendees at MarksterCon's HAIR OF THE DRAGON VI

Friday, April 8, 2016

Photos & video from 5th annual HAIR OF THE DRAGON — produced by MarksterCon.com (2016)

THANK YOU to all of the photographers and costumers and who came out on April 2nd, 2016 in support of the 5th installment of HAIR OF THE DRAGON! Below we are assembling links to online photo albums by photographers who participated in the event, so please check back over the next week or so as we continue to update!

• Jay Prescott Videography video HERE
• StudioPRIMETIME photos HERE
• Brooklyn Brat Images photos HERE
Workman Reflections photos HERE
• Squished Biscuit photos HERE
• Squished Biscuit time-lapse HERE
• Atlas Photographer photos HERE
• Dawn Seabrook Photography HERE
• Hero Dreams Imaging photos HERE
• Personify 3D Printing Scans COMING

• Danny Hunter photos HERE
• Aqua Luna photos HERE
• Debaser Photography photos HERE
• Roger Benson photos HERE
• True U Photography photos HERE
• Geek Behind The Lens Photography photos HERE

NOTE: When uploading photos to social media sites, please give credit to the photographer, the event URL (www.HairOfTheDragon.com) and MarksterCon.com (this was part of the model release form everyone signed when entering the event)
HASHTAGS: #hairofthedragon #markstercon