Photos & Videos (2012-2023)

Below you will find photo/video links to previous editions of Atlanta's Cosplay Photo mini-Con, Hair Of The Dragon (2012-2023).

NOTE: When uploading photos to social media sites, please give credit to the photographer, the event URL ( and (this was part of the model release form everyone signed when entering the event)

HASHTAGS: Please use #hairofthedragon #markstercon #cosplayphotocon

 ------------------------ 2023------------------------

πŸ“· Trinity Williams - photos HERE (FB)
πŸ“· Chris Wold - photos HERE
πŸ“· Ashley Fletcher - photos HERE (FB)
πŸ“· Amber Dawn Bowyer - photos HERE
πŸ“· Marcus Taylor - photos HERE (FB)
πŸ“· Jessica & Richard Hayes - photos HERE (Pt. 1)
πŸ“· Asante Watkins - photos HERE (FB)
πŸ“· Nikki Rau-Baker - photos HERE (FB)
πŸ“· Tim Osier - photos HERE (in progress)
πŸ“· Patrick Sun - photos HERE (FB)
πŸ“· Patrick Sun - photos HERE (Flickr)
πŸ“· 'Rail' Martin - photos HERE (Flickr)
πŸ“· Lee Workman - photos HERE (FB)
πŸ“· Jazzmin Wilson - photos HERE (FB)
πŸ“· Kevin Slayfield - photos  not submitted

πŸ“· Adventures That Rock - video HERE (YT)
πŸ“· Jeff James - video HERE (YT)

πŸ“· Richard LaMarre - photos HERE (FB)
πŸ“Ή Smoove Cosplaya
 - video HERE (YT)
πŸ“· Luciano Villegas - photos HERE (Flickr)
πŸ“· Jeff James - photos HERE (FB)
πŸ“· Jeff James - photos HERE (Flickr)
πŸ“· Dallas Anne Duncan - photos HERE (FB)
πŸ“· Geekykokopuff - photos HERE (FB)
πŸ“· Chris Morton - photos HERE (FB)
πŸ“· Danny Hunter - photos HERE (FB)

------------------------ 2022------------------------

πŸ“· Chris Wold Photo - photos HERE
πŸ“· Richard & Jessica Hayes: Voyage Fine Art Photography - photos HERE
πŸ“· Uzoma Enyinnah Photography - photos HERE
πŸ“· George Hunter: Rannulf Media - photos HERE
πŸ“· Patrick Sun Photography - PART 1 photos HERE
πŸ“· Patrick Sun Photography - PART 2 photos HERE
πŸ“· Patrick Sun Photography - LESS COMPRESSED photos HERE
πŸ“· Tim Osier: New Georgian Studios LLC - photos HERE
πŸ“· Jazzmin Wilson: JaW Images Photography - photos HERE
πŸ“· Nikki Rau-Baker: Geek Behind The Lens Photograhy - photos HERE
πŸ“· Kevin Mayfield: Slayfield Photography - click HERE
πŸ“· GraceMarie Photography - click HERE
πŸ“· Leigh Willis: Dr. LAW's Photolab - click HERE
πŸ“· Shea: Shea Takes Pictures - photos HERE
πŸ“· Ashley Rivers Photography - photos HERE
πŸ“· Kelsey Rheney: Kelsey Kirk Photo and Media - Has not submitted edits

πŸ“· Danny Hunter - photos (PART 1) HERE
πŸ“· Danny Hunter - photos (PART 2) HERE
πŸ“· CM Photography - click HERE
πŸ“· Jeff James - click HERE
πŸ“· Jen Spiegel - photos HERE
πŸ“· Wes Carter - photos HERE
πŸ“· David Flores - photos HERE

------------------------ 2020------------------------

Photo by Chris Wold Photography
πŸ“· Nikki Rau-Baker - photos click HERE
πŸ“· Kelsey Kirk Photo - photos click HERE

πŸ“· True U Photography - photos click HERE
πŸ“· Paul Sebastian - photos click HERE
πŸ“· Melissa King - photos click HERE
πŸ“· Joshua Daniel Garvin - photos click HERE
πŸ“· Ravann A. Guyton - photos click HERE
πŸ“· Johnathan Downer - photos click HERE
πŸ“· Christopher Morton - photos click HERE
πŸ“· Shea Takes Pictures - photos click HERE
πŸ“· Danny Hunter - photos click HERE
πŸ“· Bryan Humphrey - photos click HERE
πŸ“· Lee Workman - photos click HERE
πŸ“· Patrick Sun - photos click HERE
πŸ“· Jeff James - photos click HERE
πŸ“· Chris Wold - photos click HERE
πŸ“· Jason Clay - edited photos not submitted
πŸ“· Kenneth Scurlock - edited photos not submitted
πŸ“· Darryl Bradshaw - edited photos not submitted
Group Photo by Bryan Humphrey at 2020 HAIR OF THE DRAGON

------------------------ 2019------------------------

• David Leo photos HERE (Set 5)
• David Leo photos HERE (Set 4)
• David Leo photos HERE (Set 3)
• David Leo photos HERE (Set 2)
• David Leo photos HERE (Set 1)
• Binafsi photos HERE
• Patrick Sun photos HERE
• George Hunter photos HERE
• Troy Nelson photos HERE
• Doctor Law's Photolab photos HERE
• Lee Workman photos HERE
• Nikki Rau-Baker photos HERE
• Jason Bohannon edited photos not submitted

• Lost Tribe Creative Media photos HERE
• Cara Van Cosplay photos HERE
• Jeff James photos HERE
• Danny Hunter photos HERE

------------------------ 2018------------------------

Photo by Workman Reflections of
Dominycanknyght Cosplay (Black Panther)
• Ayalas Photography: Photos HERE
Bryan Humphrey: Photos HERE
– Bryan Humphrey: High-Res Photos HERE
• Troy Nelson: Photos HERE (in progress)
Patrick Sun: Photos HERE
– Patrick Sun: High-Res Photos HERE
Workman Reflections: Photos HERE
• Racoonicorn Photography: Photos HERE (in progress)• Geek Behind The Lens: Photos HERE
• Jay Prescott Videography: Video

• Nikki RockstrohPhotos HERE
• True U PhotographyPhotos HERE
• Richard LaMarre: Photos HERE (in progress)

Group photo by Bryan Humphrey of attendees at MarksterCon's HAIR OF THE DRAGON VII

------------------------ 2017------------------------

Group photo by Bryan Humphrey of attendees at MarksterCon's HAIR OF THE DRAGON VI

• Jay Prescott Videography: Video HERE
• Bryan Humphrey: Highlight Photos HERE
• Bryan Humphrey: High-Res Photos HERE
• David Leo: Photos HERE (Set 1)
• David Leo: Photos HERE (Set 2)
• David Leo: Photos HERE (Set 3)
• David Leo: Photos HERE (Set 4)
• David Leo: Photos HERE (Set 5)

• Patrick Sun: Photos HERE
• Lee Workman: Photo HERE
• David Avant: Photos HERE
• James BrockPhotos HERE
• Jay Prescott Videography360ΒΊ photo HERE
• ConographyPhotos HERE
• ConographyPhotos HERE (all photos, high-res)

• Richard LaMarre: Photos HERE
• Robot Eye Photography: Photos HERE
• Aqualuna Photography: Photos HERE
• Danny Hunter: Live video feed HERE
• MarksterCon: Live video feed HERE
• True U PhotographyPhotos HERE
• Racoonicorn Photography: Photos HERE
• Squished Biscuit Multimedia: Photos HERE
• Danny Hunter Photography: Photos HERE

• Smoove Cosplaya: Photos HERE
• Channing Matthews: Photos HERE
 Jennifer S.: Photos HERE
 Rachel M.: Photos HERE & Video HERE

------------------------ 2016------------------------

Group shot from 2016 HAIR OF THE DRAGON (by Troy Nelson)

• Jay Prescott Videography video HERE
• StudioPRIMETIME photos HERE
• Brooklyn Brat Images photos HERE
Workman Reflections photos HERE
• Squished Biscuit photos HERE
• Squished Biscuit time-lapse HERE
• Atlas Photographer photos HERE
• Dawn Seabrook Photography HERE
• Hero Dreams Imaging photos HERE

• Danny Hunter photos HERE
• Aqua Luna photos HERE
• Debaser Photography photos HERE
• Roger Benson photos HERE
• True U Photography photos HERE
• Geek Behind The Lens Photography photos HERE

------------------------ 2015------------------------

Group shot from 2015 HAIR OF THE DRAGON (by David Leo)

• Hero Dreams Imaging: photos HERE
• Marcus Taylor Photographyphotos HERE
• Dorn Brothers: photos HERE
• SGH PhotoArt: photos HERE
• The Aficionadosvideo HERE
• Workman Reflections: photos HERE
• Jay Prescott Videographyvideo HERE
• JB Photographyphotos HERE
• Conography: photos HERE
• Atlas Photography: (TBA)

• Richard A LaMarre: photos HERE
• Googi Singha: (TBA) photos HERE
• Jeff Jamesphotos HERE
• Aqualunaphotos HERE
• Channing Minionphotos HERE
• Sam W Hondaphotos HERE
• David Vining: photos HERE
• David Leo: photos HERE (set 1)
• David Leo: photos HERE (set 2)
• Dillon O'Brienphotos HERE
• Danny Hunter: photos HERE
• Frank Sepulveda: photos HERE
• Nikki Rockstroh: photos HERE (set 1)
• Nikki Rockstroh: photos HERE (set 2)
VHNofficial: video HERE
• Travis Branum photos HERE 

------------------------ 2014------------------------

• Trent Chau photos HERE
• Keith Bailey photos HERE
• Mike Troutt photos HERE
• Tracy Fowler photos HERE
• GunCat Grace photos HERE
SGH PhotoArt photos HERE
• Troy Nelson photos HERE
• Winster Jeffrey photos HERE

Channing Minion photos HERE
Richard LaMarre photos HERE
• Aaron Benjamin photos HERE
Patrick Sun photos HERE
• Michael Stippich photos HERE
Richard Dervan photos HERE
David Leo photos HERE
Roger Benson photos HERE
Heather Hausenfleck photos HERE
Kitti Chii photos HERE
Michael "HOOPIX" Lombardi photos HERE
Danny Hunter photos HERE (2/14/14)

------------------------ 2013------------------------

Bryan Humphrey photos HERE.
Trent Chau photos HERE.
Tobias Roybal photos HERE.
Stan Bowman photos HERE.
Mike Trout photos HERE.
DeOndrΓ© Bonds photos HERE.
SGH PhotoArt photos HERE.
Troy Nelson photos HERE.

Pop Tab Photos  photos HERE.

Kevin Winter (Roaming Photographer) photos HERE.
Patrick Sun (Roaming Photographer) Set 1 HERE.
Patrick Sun (Roaming Photographer) Set 2 HERE.
Roger Benson (Roaming Photographer) photos HERE.
Danny Hunter (Roaming Photographer) photos HERE.
Charles Pinckney (Roaming Photographer) photos HERE.
Richard Dervan (Roaming Photographer) photos HERE.
Deon Brown (Roaming Photographer) photos HERE.
Channing Minion (Roaming Photographer) photos HERE.
James "FrameShot" Garner (Roaming Photographer) photos HERE.
Mark Shafer (Roaming Photographer) photos HERE.
Franklin Myrick (Roaming Photographer) photos HERE.

------------------------ 2012------------------------

• Bryan Humphrey (Featured Photog): 108 Photos HERE
• Stan "The Zombie" Bowman (Featured Photog): 20 Photos HERE
• Greg Mooney (Featured Photog): 585 Photos HERE
• Steve Joerger (Featured Photog): 51 Photos HERE
• Michael Stippich (Featured Photog): Photos HERE
• Richard Wright (Roaming Videographer): Video HERE
Patrick Sun (Roaming Photog): 143 Photos HERE
• Danny Hunter (Roaming Photog): 262 Photos HERE
• Channing Minion (Roaming Photog): 85 Photos HERE
• Deon Brown (Roaming Photog): 60 Photos HERE
• Pete Ogilvie (Photo Boof): 95 Photos HERE
• Richard Benson (Roaming Photog): 36 Photos HERE
• Jason Greenwood (Roaming Photog): 48 Photos HERE

Check out this great video mash-up from the last HAIR OF THE DRAGON, created by Wild Cat Video Productions out of Atlanta, Georgia.