Cosplay Photo mini-Con, also known as HAIR OF THE DRAGON, is a unique, geeky event by Markster Con Productions that brings both cosplayers & talented photographers together to create photo magic! Most cosplayers spend many hours and lots of money creating their ‘wearable art’ to bring their visions to life. Unfortunately most never have a chance to work with a professional photographer and just settle for random images at a local con or boring selfies. Hair Of The Dragon, founded in 2012, provides a safe & open environment for cosplayers & photographers to collaborate together, creating top-notch images while also networking with their peers in Atlanta’s multi-use 20,000 sq. ft. venue, Studio Space Atlanta.

Cosplay attendees are allowed (and encouraged) to bring more than one cosplay to get photo’ed in as multiple dressing rooms are on site, as well as numerous studios that allow them to work with numerous ‘Featured’ (set up in one space) and ‘Roaming’ (moving around) Photographers throughout the event. This event also offers fingers foods and music as well as a wonderful, accepting energy that attendees enjoy yearly. All levels of cosplayers are invited to come experience Atlanta’s most unique “con” as this event was created FOR cosplayers BY cosplayers!

NOTE: Edited images (social media worthy) from event will be available online afterwards (times vary depending on photographer) and are included in price of “All Access” ticket.